Volume 2'2 2013


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Study of Changing Societies: Comparative and  Interdisciplinary Focus,

Vol. 2(2) 2013

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Dr. Mikhail Beznosov, Dr. Roman Sheiko,  Dr. Anna Amelina, Prof. Alpaslan Özerdem, Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra, Dr. Vincenzo Cicchelli, Prof. Vittorio Cotesta, Dr. Miŝo Dokmanovic, Prof. Jan M. Fritz, Dr. David Galbreath, Dr.David Görömbölyi, Dr. Boyd Johnson, Dr. Iryna Kosulya, Dr. Florent Marciacq, Dr. Javier Garcia Marin, Prof. Jonathan Mendilow, Dr. David Ondracka, Prof. Olexandr Serdyuk, Dr. Nataliya Velikaya, Prof. Francesco Villa, Dr. John P. Willerton,  Dr. Martin Carrier, Prof. Yuriy Dubenskiy, Prof. Paulette Kurzer, Prof. William Dixon, Prof. Kostas Ant Lavdas, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Akbar Valadbigi, Prof Dr Svetla Koleva, Dr Arthur Atanesyan. Prof Dr Khaladdin C. İbrahimli (Azerbaijan) Head of Research and Development Department Azerbaijan Tourism Institute


In this issue

Vincenzo Cicchelli,  Sylvie Octobre

A cosmopolitan perspective of globalization:  Cultural and aesthetic consumption among young people p. 3-23

Author's focuses on understanding in which way people relate with globalization and what kind of imaginative process they engage in to do so in their everyday life. Article deals with the emerging cosmopolitan consciousness and practices that derive from young people’s experiences of a globalized world. The paper is based on two different researches of young people, the rationale for such a choice being to understand the impact of emerging transformations on young people - who are often the barometers of societal change from both generational and life cycle perspectives.

Keywords: globalization, cosmopolitan perspective, cultural consumption, aesthetic consumption, young people

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Lydia Moskvich

The world practices and the perspectives of introduction of the system of effectiveness assessment of the court performance in Ukraine p.24-52

Keywords: system of effectiveness assessment, court, judicial system, Ukrainian model of the assessment.  

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Skovikov Alexey

Women's participation in politics: Ukrainian case p.53-66

The international practices takes into account the question of women's participation in the political life of modern Ukraine. The selection of the state was due to the dynamic process of democratic transformation - the separation of powers, the formation of multi-party competition among political actors in the electoral process, the activity women in the various institutions of civil society. The position was claimed on the basis of empirical data range of academic institutions and reputable sociological centers, and also interviews with experts who said that the creation of real conditions for self-realization by women's interest in politics is only possible for long term. The process is controversial and caused by political culture, traditions and interests of the ruling class represented mainly by men.

Keywords: civil society, political participation, political interests, political elite, electoral process, women's participation.

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Kyslova Olga, Berdnyk Ekateryna

New media as a formation factor for digital sociology: the consequences of the networking in the society and the intellectualization of the communication p.67-106

The perspectives of digital sociology formation through the prism of transformation of new media are considered in the article.  We confirm the beginning of the age of intelligent media, which incorporate the network principle of organization of the interactions with the implementations of artifacts (artificial intelligent agents) to communication processes and are the base for the formation of digital environment for human life.  Among the main socio-cultural effects of the development of new media we rank the expansion of social reality due to the addition of a “digital dimension” to it, the formation of network culture and actualization of the communicative (and subsequently, network and digital) subjectivity. We consider the network culture from the point of view of the activity approach and define it as a conglomerate of stationary value and normative mechanisms, technological means of implementation and results of network communications. We consider the network culture formation to be a result of the societal networking and it serves as the basis for subsequent cultural transformations – the rise of digital culture, outlines of which can be traced along with the general digitization and formation of the high-technology digital society. The conclusion, that digital sociology is called to study the laws of social life of a contemporary person integrated into a digital space of new media, is made.

Keywords: digital sociology, new media, network, digital society, intellectualization, communication.

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Vincenzo M.B. Giorgino

A contemplative approach to clinical sociology p. 107-120

*This paper is based on different previous presentations, in particular Understanding and compassion. Towards an integration between spiritual and sociological knowledge S.P.A. Annual Conference, Anaheim (CA, USA), 18th August 2001, unpublished; “Contemplative knowledge and sociological understanding”, panel Contemplative understanding: a challenge to the sociological perspective, Sociological Practice Association (S.P.A.) Annual conference “Using Sociology for Good Purposes”, San Francisco (CA, U.S.A.) August 17th 2004; unpublished. Both have been reviewed and integrated for the recent Workshop Wakeful inquiry: experiencing contemplative sociology in science and practice, held a the ISA RC46 Conference “Clinical Sociology: Improving Lives and Communities through Analysis and Intervention” Madrid, 16-19 March 2013.

Note: the pronoun indicating the first person singular is always written in minuscule character

Keywords: clinical sociology, contemplative practices, contemplative inquiry

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