Vol. 2' 2013


©SCS Journal  ISSN  2225- 2215

Study of Changing Societies: Comparative and  Interdisciplinary Focus,

Vol. 2'3 2013

General Editors: Olga Guzhva

Articles are subject to double blind anonymous peer review by experts, proof reading and editing to be carried out by organizers.

Submissions should be made in English and should conform to the Instruction to Authors and Author Guidelines

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Editorial Board:

Dr. Mikhail Beznosov, Dr. Roman Sheiko,  Dr. Anna Amelina, Prof. Alpaslan Özerdem, Dr. Biswajit Mohapatra, Dr. Vincenzo Cicchelli, Prof. Vittorio Cotesta, Dr. Miŝo Dokmanovic, Prof. Jan M. Fritz, Dr. David Galbreath, Dr.David Görömbölyi, Dr. Boyd Johnson, Dr. Iryna Kosulya, Dr. Florent Marciacq, Dr. Javier Garcia Marin, Prof. Jonathan Mendilow, Dr. David Ondracka, Prof. Olexandr Serdyuk, Dr. Nataliya Velikaya, Prof. Francesco Villa, Dr. John P. Willerton,  Dr. Martin Carrier, Prof. Yuriy Dubenskiy, Prof. Paulette Kurzer, Prof. William Dixon, Prof. Kostas Ant Lavdas, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Tabassum, Akbar Valadbigi, Prof Dr Svetla Koleva, Dr Arthur Atanesyan. Prof Dr Khaladdin C. İbrahimli (Azerbaijan) Head of Research and Development Department Azerbaijan Tourism Institute


In this issue

Svitlana Buko

Competency framework for managers of international organizations in Ukraine


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CHUKWU, Christian Chima

An assessment of religious threats to security and survival of democracy in Nigeria: a case study of the incessant killings of Igbos in some selected northern states


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R. Boyd Johnson, Svitlana Buko

Cultural Intelligence Scale (CQS): testing cross-cultural transferability of CQS in Ukraine


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Keshab Chandra Mandal



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Edward Garten , John Johnson   Svitlana Buko

Barriers to Successful Entrepreneurship for Women in Ukraine


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Xuan TU

Local government capacity and citizen co-production: a review of theory and evidence


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