Volume 4'2012

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Study of Changing Societies: Comparative and  Interdisciplinary Focus,

Vol. 2'(4) 2012

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Tanja Dibou  

 Thinking about altruism p.4-28

Altruism is very provocative phenomenon. It is not clear: what altruism means for people today and does it really exist? The article is directed for a theoretical meta-analysis of various views on phenomenon altruism. Analyzing a several number of views (sociological, philosophical, religious, psychological), we will try to concern the nature and content of the altruistic behavior, the forms and the reasons of altruism. The author systematizes different typologies of altruism. The objective to look for the motives of altruistic behavior. One of crucial part of the paper is concerned about possible benefits of altruism nowadays. The article also concentrates on critics of altruism, trying to understand, why people are skeptical about altruistic acts.

Keywords: altruism, egoism, altruistic behavior, moral norms, typologies of altruism

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  Asima Hassan, Aneesa Shafi                                        

Attitude towards Mental illness in Kashmir p. 29-39

 In most of the societies mental illness carries a substantial stigma or mark of shame. Such stigma may keep families from acknowledging that a family member is ill. Some families may hide or overprotect a member with mental illness-keeping the person from receiving potentially effective care-or they may reject the person from family. When magnified from individuals to a whole society, such attitudes lead to underfunding of mental health services and terribly inadequate care. The Conflict situation has adversely affected the mental health of people in Kashmir, resulting in the significant increase in the psychological disorders. In the present study an attempt has been made to know the attitude of people towards Mental illness in Kashmir.

Keywords: Mental health, Stigma, conflict, tragedy, turmoil, treatment, depression.

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   Miguel Briones Blanco José G. Vargas Hernández                   

Strategies of Mexican   cultural industry for regional development of northern Jalisco .The case of Huichol handcrafts p. 40-52

Cultural industries have taken a very important role in the preservation of culture and national identity, so that the momentum of these is a factor to consider as part of the country's economic growth. In addition to the craft as part of the culture industry plays a key role in modern economies. The present study aims to analyze the importance of craft production in the northern state of Jalisco to be promoted for the purpose of regional attraction, for cultural, economic and social. This work will be announced strategic alternatives that both the State and other institutions can implement to promote regional development by implementing projects involving the promotion of culture and crafts of the northern region of Jalisco.

 Keywords: Handicrafts, regional development, cultural industries JEL: D20, L30, Q10, R11, R13, R23, Z1, Z11

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Otu Ekpenyong   

Nightlife in rural Nigeria: analysis of prospects for development p. 53-82

There is an overwhelming need to accord rural development a priority on the ‘must-do-list’ of government at different levels if the rural communities must contribute meaningfully to the social, cultural and economic development of Nigeria. A bulk of the Nigerian wealth is derived form agriculture, and oil which lies in abundant quantity in rural communities. Current estimates put the rural population at over 80% of the entire population of almost 140 million people. So far, not much in terms of infrastructural development has been done to bring this bulk of concentration of both human and material resources to contribute optimally to national economy. Studies on rural development have focused mostly on agricultural development to the neglect of social development of rural dwellers. Nightlife remains an aspect of social development that has suffered utter neglect in rural areas in Nigeria. The neglect has resulted in mass exodus of rural dwellers and in turn has made the rural area qualitatively and quantitatively depopulated, and progressively less attractive for socio-economic investment. There is the need to develop the social life of the ruralites, especially nightlife.

Keywords: nightlife, development, rural development, rural communities, Nigeria.

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  Ngboawaji Daniel Nte                                                                 

Partnership for Public Safety and National Security : Lessons for Exploring the Benefits of Interagency Collaboration and Community Nigeria’s Security Agencies p. 83-99

 This paper attempts an evaluative analysis of the need for a focused and productive collaboration of the intelligence and security agencies in Nigeria with the needed community linkage in ways that the community’s security and safety can be guaranteed. The mutations of national security threats in Nigeria and the sophistication of the tactics of extremist and malevolent elements in the country have equally necessitated the urgent need to vigorously strengthen inter agency collaboration in the business of intelligence and security management. All over the world, massive intelligence failures have been predicated on poor inter agency collaboration arising from lack of mutual trust, institutional egotism and perhaps fatal ethno-religious loyalty. In Nigeria, the recent cases of intelligence failures and the monumental national security threats posed by extremists remain to a large extent due to poor/weak inter agency collaboration and apparent community isolation. The paper therefore examines how the intelligence and security agencies can collaborate and adequately integrate the community to guarantee the security and safety of the nation.

Keywords: National Security, Public Safety, Nigeria, Collaboration, Inter agency, Security.

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Ernesto Guerra-García, José G. Vargas-Hernández

Socio-intercultural evaluation for investment projects in indigenous communities Wixarikas p. 100 -123

This paper analyzes aspects of the problem that occurs in the social evaluation of investment projects for indigenous communities’ Wixarikas (Huichols). A project in this context make particularly complex the evaluation. On the socio-economic perspective with which it is evaluated comes into play the incommensurability of social and intercultural issues that cannot be ignored. It is addressed the questions that have arisen in the development of this type of project and presents a theoretical framework for the methodological proposal of socio-cultural evaluation. 

Keywords: Social evaluation of investment projectssocio-intercultural evaluation, indigenous communities, Wixarikas.

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