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Study of Changing Societies: Comparative and  Interdisciplinary Focus,

Vol. 1' 2018 OPEN ISSUE 

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Dr. Artem Kliuchnikov, Dr. Mihai Bocarnea, Regent University (USA),Dr. Scott Livingston, Livingston Consulting Group (USA),Dr. Vern Ludden, Center for Leadership and Virtues (USA), Dr. Ken Rauch, Educational Consultant (USA), Dr. Samir Moussalli, Huntingdon College (USA), Dr. Jim "Gus" Gustafson, Center for Values-Driven Leadership (USA), Dr. Rob Elkington, Yorkville University (USA), Dr. Joanne Barnes, Indiana Wesleyan University (USA)Dr. Marta Bennett, Kenya International Leadership University (Kenya), Dr. Mike Linville, Managing Editor - for Special Issue Dr. Carolyn Roark, Submissions Editor


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DOI10.1517/scs-2018-001© SCS Journal

Russia and Ukraine are two countries that have shared much history together and are sometimes understood as one unified entity. However, these are two different countries with two different cultures, languages, and mentalities. While Russia has been in the focus of leadership research, there are no organizational leadership studies on Ukraine. The purpose of this qualitative inquiry was to explore, describe, and define attributes of an effective leader in Russian and Ukrainian organizations through the lens of Russian and Ukrainian employees and leaders in national organizations and then to compare attributes of an effective leader in Russian and Ukrainian organizations. The research employed phenomenological qualitative inquiry as it focused on the essence of leadership phenomena in Russia and Ukraine and safeguarded against the predetermined understanding of leadership. This research resulted in the development of 10 effective leader attributes that are common both for Russia and Ukraine: (a) authoritarianism, (b) paternalism, (c) professionalism, (d) intellect, (e) laissez-faire, (f) charisma, (g) enthusiasm, (h) morality, (i) trust, and (j) freedom—and two attributes particular to Ukraine only: (a) organizational skills and (b) responsibility. However, the main layer of differences was discovered in the categories that comprised the attributes.

Keywords: organizational leadership, leadership, leader attributes.

Stan Amaladas, Ray Becvar   Where Nothing is Felt, Nothing Matters: Facilitating Healing in an Era of Global Violence p. 40-79  Download full pdf

DOI: 10.2478/scs-2018-0002© SCS Journal

In our era of global violence and counter-violence, where acts of violence are received with further acts of violence that are motivated by the malice of rage, we appear to be prisoners trapped in a cage. Does it have to remain this way? Beginning with the premise that the fundamental act of leadership is to influence people to be aware of what they feel so that they can be moved to purposeful action, we speak to the urgent and important work of leaders and followers to feel the need to terminate ongoing cycles of global violence, for the sake of lifting people above the conflicts that tear a society apart and unite them in pursuits of objectives worthy of their best efforts. Why? Because where nothing is felt, nothing matters. Where nothing is felt, there will be no real change. For the sake of real change, we also argue that we will be better served, if we intentionally attend to the patterns that connect, rather than divide, Western and non-Western/African/Indigenous ways of thinking.  Within the context of violence, we offer a way to listen to the healing power of stories which cuts across time and cultures.  For the sake of pursuing objectives that are worthy of our best efforts, we also focus on the stories of public/ political apologies and the madness of forgiving the unforgiveable atrocities of humankind.

 Keywords: counter-violence, acts of violence, leadership, leadership challenges.

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