The mission of the journal


SCS Journal meant to introduce a new innovative attempt to bridge the gap between Western interdisciplinary work studying changing societies and scholars from the most dynamic changing societies who have limited access to Western publications and resources, as well as bring together scholars from various disciplines and countries enabling them to form comparative research groups and to share their findings.

SCS Journal aims to encourage a better understanding of social changes in modern societies – defined as the way societal institutions and practices develop and spread both within and across national and cultural boundaries. The emphasis is contemporary and the approach comparative, with the publication of scholarly contributions about those areas where changes are especially dynamic and currently attracting considerable attention from a world-wide scholarly community. There is special attention to changes in the developing world and in post-socialist societies, but developed countries will also get their share of research attention.

The Project is Interdisciplinary and International

SCS Journal dedicated to critical analysis of social change from different perspectives. The main aspect is analysis of contemporary social changes and their impacts on individuals and society, finding relationships between theory, research, education and practice.

The combination of different disciplinary points of view will enable us to bring together scholars from different fields and institutions to gain a deeper understanding of the various aspects of the relevant social phenomena.

The composition of the editorial board reflects this multidisciplinary approach, since it consists of researchers in political science, sociologists, and representatives of other social sciences.

An easily accessible Internet based journal will make it possible to widely relay the findings of research in the social sciences that otherwise only reach a limited audience. This type of publication will enable us to reach not only social science researchers, but also people working in the field of public policy, administrative employees, representatives of international organizations or other readers who are interested in the changes occurring today in various countries and who often find it difficult to have access to 'paper' journals, which often can only be found in specialized libraries.

As a result of this effort the international research network is planned to be established leading to constant exchange of ideas and research results through implementation of regular events (seminars, workshops, round-tables, master classes, etc.), as well as publication of thematic issues as a result of networking.

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