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Academic Ethics Policy

Academic Ethics Policy 


The Editorial Board of “Study of Changing Societies” follows the rules on academic writing and academic ethics.

In recognizing the importance of educating aspiring scientists in the responsible conduct of research (RCR), the Office of Research Integrity (ORI), began sponsoring in 2002 the creation of instructional resources to address this pressing need. The present guide on avoiding plagiarism and other inappropriate writing practices was created, in part, to meet this need. Its purpose is to help students, as well as professionals, identify and prevent such practices and to develop an awareness of ethical writing. This guide is one of the many products stemming from ORI’s educational initiatives in the RCR. A guide to ethical writing”, available online

The Editorial Board suggests to potential contributors of the journal, reviewers and readers to dully follow this guidance in order to avoid misconceptions in academic writing. Editors will blind referee all manuscripts as will reviewers, to the guidelines explicitly highlighted by COPE

Publication ethics issues in the social sciences 


We strongly believe that an authentic text is an essential part of the publication of a high quality research article.  SCSJournal with De Gruyter Open use CrossCheckscreening service. 







 Our educational institution promotes the principles of academicintegrity. By following them, both instructors and students can contribute much to the enhancement of education quality. To make this happen, we suggest using the Unplag plagiarism checker. It allows detecting unoriginality in student submissions and giving prompt feedback on how to make papers unique.

 What is Unplag?

 Unplag is a plagiarism checker created by the Ukrainian developers in 2014. It may be used either online, or as part of LMS (Learning Management System) like Moodle, Canvas, Sakai. More than 45 universities across Ukraine have already started using the software. Unplag is also growing in popularity abroad. It is used in the USA, Spain, Belgium, and many more other countries.

 What Is Unplag Capable of?

 With Unplag it is possible to:


  • give access to the checker to all instructors, so that they can check papers simultaneously
  • scan papers written in Ukrainian, English, German, Spanish, and other languages
  • check papers across online sources in real time, all the papers stored in instructors’ accounts, and the academic institution database
  • give feedback to each student by annotating comments
  • make use of detailed reports which can be downloaded in .pdf
  • work with documents in various formats including .pdf, .doc, .docx, .odt, .zip
  • check up to 100 papers at once against the internet and up to 35 papers across the internal database from one account
  • view the checked paper without changes in formatting
  • store and download files
  • quickly navigate reports thanks to highlighted similarities and links to matching sources
  • select the scope of sources student papers will be compared with
  • find and exclude correctly formatted citations and references
  • create a database of academic works within the checker and integrate it with the internal database of the university
  • spot any replaced characters in the scanned text
  • remotely collaborate with students

 Why is Unplag Beneficial?

 Assessment of each student work becomes tremendously easier and faster thanks to the Unplag detailed reports. Instructors may send assignments to their students remotely as well as comment on their papers to give advice on how to better their writings, while students will gradually improve their writing skills by getting reports with highlighted potential plagiarism and links to the sources that should be cited.

 Some Helpful Unplag Links:

 Find the guidelines for the corporate university account here

Find the Unplag Moodle guidelines for administrators here

Find the Unplag Moodle guidelines for instructors here

 Follow the links below to learn more about Unplag:  and  

the Unplag feature page

 Getting in Touch with Unplag

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